How to Prevent Heartworm Infection

sick dogThe heartworm problem is rampant in many parts of North America and is also found in Central and Eastern United States of America. This canine disease damages the heart, the lungs and its arteries caused by a microscopic heartworm that grows into a more than a foot in length parasite.

Infection from this sickness can only be diagnosed through blood testing. Animals infected by this sort of health problem may be very hard to cure. Still, the best solution with this disease at this point in time is through prevention.

What causes heartworms

Heartworm disease spreads like wildfire from one animal to another. According to the study, mosquitoes are the primary means of transportation of these microscopic worms. The highest rate of infection is found in areas near the ocean, rivers and lakes particularly in the southern United States, the Gulf States and Hawaii. When a mosquito bites a certain animal with heartworm infection it also gathers some of the microscopic worms which will be relayed to the next animal that it will bite.

Preventing heartworms

There is not much trick or rather hardship in evading this type of disease. All is takes for you and your pet is a regular check up with the veterinarian. More often than not a once a month topical treatment or prescription tablet is good enough to have your pet protected.

Before any dog is actually subjected to any heartworm prevention program it is a must for every pet more than seven months old to have a heartworm test. Pets that passed the test shall be provided preventatives by its respective veterinarian. As per the American Heartworm Society or AHS, heartworm test must be done every year through blood testing most especially for pets that’s already undergoing preventive measure year round.

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