Japanese Chin

Japanese ChinThe Japanese Chin is considered as a breed belonging to the toy category of dogs. They originally were part of the household of the Chinese aristocracy and eventually found their way into the Imperial Palace in Japan. And because of its past, the Japanese Chin has always been considered as part of royalty.

Breed Origins

The Japanese Chin, unlike its name denotes, actually originated from China. It is a very old toy dog breed that they have been part of Chinese aristocracy for centuries. They are so commonly admired in China that they were given as gifts to the emperor of Japan. From there, the dog breed has been carefully kept only in the hands of Japanese nobility and was also used as gifts to special friends. The dog breed found its way to the West initially as gifts of the Japanese to Commodore Perry in 1853, on his famous visit to Japan which opened the country to the whole world.

Appearance and Size

The Japanese chin is noted for its distinctive Oriental appearance. It stands about 8 to 11 inches in height at the shoulders and weighs from between 4 to 12 pounds. Due to its size, the Japanese Chin is considered to be a toy dog breed.

The Japanese Chin also has straight, long hair with a silky feel. The hair is almost always colored black and white, lemon and white or red and white. There are also rare breeds that may have black and white coat with tan points. Their tails are feathered and coils up over their backs. It has a short and upturned muzzle with large wide set eyes. A common trait among Japanese Chins is a black spot or smudge located on the white fur on their heads. This is known as the Buddha’s Thumbprint.


The Japanese Chin is one of those dog breeds who have acquired more of a feline-like temperament. In terms of attitude, Japanese Chins are often independent and seem to have an aloof air to it, so much typical of royalty. And just like a cat, the Japanese Chin is also fond of using its paws to wash its face. It is also a highly intelligent dog that can also be a loving, loyal and adorable companion. It usually distrusts strangers and is uncomfortable on unfamiliar environments or situations.

Home and Family Relations

The Japanese Chin is a sensitive dog that is loyal to its owner. They are affectionate to the people they know. They also yearn for some show of affection and is a kind of dog that wants to please its owner. The Japanese Chin is wary of strangers and is known for its deep bark, making it a good watchdog for the home.

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