Why Do Dogs Bury Bones

dog with boneSeeing dogs burying bones beneath the ground has been a very rampant site world wide. It has been a behavior that many notice and at times lead us to think why do dogs do such action when they are well fed? For some, it is because of greed yet again it might be due to some other factors.

Hoarding or catching is the process wherein animals get food for them and store it somewhere they feel safe for them to divulge on it at the right time.

The behavior of hiding something or rather food are very much common to animals namely squirrel, wolves, foxes and camels. Camel’s stores water in their system that is enough for them to survive days of not having water in the hot dessert. Squirrel is always known to store a lot of nuts enough for them to survive the winter without the need of looking for food.

Just like the squirrel, camels and other animals, dogs also hide food usually in the form of a bone so to make sure that they will have something to eat in case they will not have anything to have in a certain point in time. This action depicts not greed per se but a mere exercise of what we call survival skills.

Looking at dog’s genetic history despite the fact that they have been in existence for millions of years it is only for a few thousands of years that they have been taken care of my humans. Years before this type of animal has been domesticated, dogs hunt for food enough for the whole pack and store bones in their territory for them to eat it just in case they will not have anything to eat. The nature speaks for itself. Dogs do what they do because it is their nature.

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